Why join Camberwell Central Bowls Club?

Camberwell Central is indeed a lawn  bowls club – but it’s not about playing old men’s marbles in pyjamas on Saturday afternoons in the hot summer sun………….

Our Club is about people and place  

  • a place where the people of Camberwell and their friends can meet , relax, maybe enjoy a game of bowls and perhaps a drink to unwind from the pressures of life,
  • a place where all members of the family are welcome,
  • a place where all members are treated equally and with respect, regardless, of age, profession or wealth,
  • a place to meet new people and build friendships and business acquaintances
  • a place play a great sport with like-minded people at a time and in a manner that suits your lifestyle and your abilities
  • a place where bowlers who want to excel can compete, but also a club where social players can enjoy a quiet roll up with friends.

Bowls is an old folks sport……..

A lot of old folks do play the game – but more younger people are taking up the game. Almost all the sports champions are under the age of 40.

The majority of our top bowlers are still working, at university or at high school, and we also have Ted … 93 years old and he could probably still beat most of us on a good day.

 I don’t have the time to spend all day Saturday standing around in the hot sun………….

The Club has a Bowls Programme  – but its a framework for you to develop your own involvement / engagement with the sport. You can play when you like as often or as little as you like.

We have several members who play almost every day (and some nights) of the week – regardless of season or weather………!!

Some of us play as a break from the stresses of work, some play to retain fitness, some because we’ve played competitive sport all our lives and we can’t quite hack it on the football field or netball court.

Most of us play because we enjoy the company of people and the sport.

We all have our own reason for playing bowls, come and join in and find your reason ………….

We all have a reason for belonging to Camberwell Central  – the people and the place

A Not for Profit Club – run by the members for the benefit of the members

Our members are the heart, blood and soul of our Club. The Club relies totally on the volunteer work of its members for the operation of the bowling programme, the social activities, maintenance of the grounds (other than the greens) and for club governance. It’s expected that every member contributes in some way to the running & maintenance of the Club. The old adage – many hands make light work applies. The time commitment may only be two – three hours per month, and in most cases the when, where & what, can be extremely flexible to suit your work / life commitments.

Whatever we contribute  is for the benefit of ourselves and the other members – we build our own future.

Interested in finding out more – have a look around our website, or give our Membership Director a call – then come to the Club, meet the people and see for yourself.

Initially, we let you have five complimentary “try out” visits before we ask you to join……….

Welcome to the best kept secret in Camberwell……..

Further Enquiries

Kathleen Ralston Ph: 9943 4207   email: