Membership fees

Our membership fees are structured slightly differently to most bowls clubs.

The following fee structure was approved by at an Extra- Ordinary Meeting of Members held at the Club on 22 June 2017

  • Full Membership – $10 per week if paid by Direct Debit, reduced to $500 if paid annually in advance. This one fee covers your annual membership fee, green fees for all pennant matches, practice matches, social matches, pennants finals, club championships, tournaments and the Thursday Night Owls . Fees for participation in social and/ or catered events such as sausage sizzles will be charged separately.

Full membership allows the playing of pennant bowls, competing in all Club Championship matches, and other club events. It also allows full use of the Clubs facilities, unlimited use of the greens, drinks at members prices, reduced club hire charges, the right to vote at Club meetings and reciprocal rights to all other bowling clubs throughout Australia..

  • Transfers from other clubs – as above – pro rata
  • Full Time Student Members – $300 per annum or $12/ fortnight – rights & entitlements as above
  • Cadets – $200 per annum or $18 / month  in lieu of green fees – no voting rights
  • Life Members – $200 per annum, or $18 per month in lieu of green fees – rights & entitlements as above
  • Dual Members – $150 – Affiliated members who play pennant for another club but wish to use CCBC facilities for practice
  • Social Members – $50 – Applies to non bowling members, and includes spouses, and other non playing family members, Sponsor and user group representatives. This category allows the use of the Clubs non bowling facilities, member rates for club dinners, and drinks at member prices  – but not reduced hire charges.
  • Occasional Bowlers – Green fees of $10 game
  • New Members – A prospective member is entitled to 5 free visits to make up their mind before joining the club. After 5 visits they must decide if they want to be members, and sign a Membership Application. They have the option of paying the pro rata membership fee for the rest for the rest of the year as a lumps sum, or signing a Direct Debit Authority for $10 per week on the payment cycle (weekly, fortnightly, monthly) of their choice.

Payment Options – Membership fees may be paid by any of the following options

  • EFT to the clubs bank account
  • by cash of cheque payable to CCBC
  • by credit / debit card at the club
  • via direct debit from your bank account or credit card – please speak to the Treasurer to arrange a Direct Debit Authority.