Marking and Measuring


Marking and Measuring – Critical Skills for all bowlers

Marking in Singles game 

In a singles game the marker can “make or break” the outcome of a game. To find out more about the duties of a marker click here


In the game of bowls the decision as to who wins an end or a game can come down to millimetres. In some cases there is money riding on the decision, a championship trophy, or possibly just a sheep station and bragging rights.

Every player need to be accurately use a string measure, a tape etc., and know the correct procedures for using the various aids

There are a number of publications available – but if you want a flying start the Bowls Australia has produced series of You Tube videos, some are aimed at training of measurers and umpires  – but the essential skills of using the string measure are important for all players

Here’s a link to the BA website and the video series Under the Scope