How to Play Bowls


How to Play the Game

Bowls is a very easy game to play, a few minutes tuition and you can be on the green enjoying yourself.

Mastering the game can be a lifetime pursuit

Coaching:  When you join the club you are encouraged to arrange for coaching sessions with any of our club coaches. These sessions are free of cost. Periodically the Club will engage the services pf a professional Bowls Coach. All players are invited to attend these sessions. If you would like to arrange a coaching session with one of our Club coaches please contact any of the following

  • Alan Coulter
  • Lorraine Knox
  • Doug McClelland
  • Doug Goodman

Practice:  Prior to and during the summer pennants season, the Club conducts organised training sessions on Thursday afternoon from 4pm onwards. You are encouraged to attend these sessions. You are also encouraged to train at other times.

Other Information

The You tube videos listed below were made by Bowls South Africa about 2 years ago – they cover the basics of playing the game, and are an excellent training aid

1. Introduction to Lawn Bowls

2. Objective of the Game

3. Selecting the right sized bowl

4. Placing the mat

5. Delivering the Jack

6. Gripping the bowl

7. Aiming Point

8. The Stance

9.  The Delivery

10. Common Faults